As we move into springtime, driving season is rapidly approaching and market prices have skyrocketed in recent months. There is no better time to sell your car than right now!

CarGurus recently published research regarding the appreciation of car prices over the last 12 months. Their findings revealed that the UK’s 20 most ‘in-demand’ cars appreciated in value by an average of 26.3 percent. According to the data, the nation’s favourite the Ford Focus experienced a massive 50 percent increase. The Focus was followed closely by the Ford Fiesta (36.7 percent) and Mini Cooper (34.9 percent) as the cars with the greatest jump in value. With vehicle prices at historic levels, selling your used vehicle has never been easier.

Sell My Classic wanted to find out how this widespread value appreciation impacted the classic car industry. Research has shown that certain classics are in more demand than others and values on specific models have skyrocketed in recent months! An article published recently by Hotcars has identified 10 different classic cars which have appreciated in value.

Our favourite contenders are:

1. Rover Mini

A 1999 Rover Mini sold recently with Sell My Classic.

According to Hotcars, in the last five years the last of the ‘classic’ Minis have tripled in price. The demand for Minis has soared due to their reliability, drivability, and style.

2. Jaguar XJS

A 1994 Jaguar XJS sold recently with Sell My Classic.

The XJS has replaced the E-Type as the most ‘in demand’ classic Jaguar. You used to be able to get a standard XJS for a sum of £3,000 but in recent years this value has risen to around £12,000 for a nice model!

3. Ford Capri

A 1987 Ford Capri Injection sold recently with Sell My Classic.

Known as the ‘UK’s Mustang’, the Capri brings about great feelings of nostalgia for 80s culture. There has been a recent uplift in prices as those who loved them in their childhood are now old enough to buy one for themselves.

Honourable mentions go to the Triumph TR and Austin Healey Sprite which have also appreciated in value.

See the full Hotcars report here.

Ultimately, now is a great time to put your classic on the market! If your Rover Mini or Ford Capri (or any other classic car) are taking up space in your garage, visit and get a free valuation from our team of experts! The vehicle stays with you throughout the process, it’s completely hassle free and you get 100% of the sale price (to really make the most of the value surge).

What do you think of the appreciation of vehicles? Let us know in the comments!