The History of the Porsche

The history of Porsche lends itself to being one of the most popular car brands. Founded in 1948, in Stuttgart, Germany by Ferdinand Porsche, this brand started with small beginnings, with just 200 workers producing the cars.

Over the years, these small beginnings have delivered 300,000 vehicles.

The man behind Porsche

Dr. Ferdinand Porsche peering through a steering wheel

Dr. Ferdinand Porsche – Founder of the Porsche brand

The founder of Porsche was an Austrian-German automotive engineer, known as Ferdinand Porsche.

Not only known for his creation of the Porsche, but also for the first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle, the Volkswagen Beetle, the Auto Union racing car, and Mercedes-Benz SS/SSK. Ferdinand Porsche used his knowledge to run a consultancy agency that would offer motor vehicle development, which wasn’t offered under Porsche’s name.

One of the first projects assigned to them was from the German Government. They proposed to him the challenge of creating a “car for the people”. This marked the birth of the Volkswagen Beetle. Over time, Ferdinand Porsche designed the standard Beetle, and the militarised versions.

After the war had ended, Volkswagen had fallen to the British, causing Ferdinand Porsche to lose his job. They arrested later him later that year for war crimes and imprisoned him for 20 months.

How The Porsche Company Started

After the war, Ferdinand founded Porsche, in Stuttgart, Germany in 1948. Named after his family name, this would become a recognisable name. They produced the first few cars in a small sawmill in Gmünd,Austria.

The logo is now recognised as a badge of luxury and performance. It was based on the “Coat of Arms of the Free People State”. Created during the time of war, this became an inspiration for the logo.

What Were the First Models?

Production of the first Porsche 356 began in 1948 in a small sawmill in Gmünd, Austria, setting down the basic layout and Porsche DNA that is still clear in today’s 911s.

Porsche 356

They built only 49 cars when initially made. This is due to parts being in short supply after the war. The projected goal was to produce at least 1,500 of the 356 models. By 1958, Porsche had sold over 10,000 units and had outsourced production to keep up with growing demand.

After 17 years of production, over 76,000 Porsche 356 were made. This was not the end of the journey for Porsche. They continued to be competitive as the Porsche 911 followed.

What Are Some Recent Models and Innovations?

911 GT3 R

On the road and on the track, Porsche is the leader in performance and technology.

Most recently, the 911 GT3 R Porsche developed and the car will be ready to make its racing debut in early 2023. The £194,300 sports car is ‘road legal’ and has been developed with durability and driveability in mind. Not only created for road use but also so 24-hour race drivers have an easier time.

Within recent days it has completed its first test race and got a poll. We will see more of these cars on track in the next year, with deliveries of the new model expected to take place in late October and early November.

The Evolution of The Porsche Brand

The evolution of The Porsche Brand is impressive. From the small beginnings in Gmünd, Austria in a small sawmill. To a business that now delivers 300,000 vehicles a year.

Throughout Porsche’s 74 years, development and performance have always been at the forefront of the brand. This is still present today in both their road and track cars.

The future of Porsche is sure to be a bright and long one and we look forward to seeing what future developments look like.


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