Here at Sell My Classic, we are massive Classic Car lovers. 2022 marks a lot of milestone birthdays. Let’s look at five of the landmark classic cars celebrating Landmark Birthdays this year.

MGB – 60th Anniversary

MGB celebrating its landmark birthday of 60 years

The MGB is our first car celebrating its landmark Birthdays. MGB and its many variants were first produced and rolled out into showrooms in 1962. They became one of Britain’s best-selling and most loved sports cars.
It was in production for 18 years, and they have produced this classic car over half a million times. When first launched to the British public the sale price was £690 plus £259 sale tax. This car is still relevant to all classic car fans to this day.

Renault 5 – 50th AnniversaryRenault 5 celebrating its landmark birthday of 50 years

They produced the first Renault 5 in 1972. Through its development would become a best seller for Renault. The R5 was the first supermini ever manufactured by the French car maker. They made almost 5.5 million cars across two generations.
The most popular variant was the R5 Turbo which became a motoring icon. The R5 Turbo went to compete in the World Rally Championship and became the fastest French car of its era. The final version of the R5 came on the market in 1980 and boasted an impressive seven-second 0-62 mph (0-100 kph).

Audi 80 – 50th Anniversary

Audi 80 celebrating its landmark birthday of 50 years

The Audi 80 was first introduced during the summer Olympics in 1972. During the first generation, they produced over 1 million units. Within the first year of production, the Audi 80 (B1) won the award of European car of the year. This laid the foundation for the Audi brand.
The first model was not only lightweight for its time sitting at an impressive 835kg. But was also compact with a wheelbase of 2.47 meters and a length of 4.18m.

Ford Sierra – 40th Anniversary

Ford Sierra celebrating its landmark birthday of 40 years

The Ford Sierra was a family favourite back in the 80s but it didn’t have the easiest of starts. Launched in 1982 as the successor to Ford’s well-loved Cortina. It’s aerodynamic and curved styling the public dubbed the ‘jelly mould’.
Although it had a tough start following the success of the Cortina. The Sierra was the fifth best-selling car of the 1980s and remains the tenth most popular car sold in the UK. Through its 11-year production cycle, they sold 1,299,993 Sierras.

Ferrari Enzo -20th Anniversary

Ferrari Enzo 20 years old

They named the Ferrari Enzo after the late legendary company founder Enzo Ferrari. But unlike our other classic cars, Ferrari only ever produced 400 of these cars. They only made them available for Ferrari’s most preferred clients around the world.
Regardless of this, it was one of Ferrari’s most anticipated cars. Built to celebrate Ferrari’s first Formula One World Championship. Developed using F1 state-of-the-art technology of the time. Powered by a V12 producing 650bhp, that could reach 62mph in an impressive 3.1 seconds and had a top speed of 217mph.
Do some of these cars that are celebrating their landmark birthdays surprise you? Are there any cars here you remember having or wished you owned? Let us know in the comments below!
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