One hundred and thirty-seven years ago!

Is the time since they released the first internal combustion car, and what we consider the birth of motoring history.

We have seen many cars come and go over the years, but we have also seen cars that have revolutionised the motoring world. Take a journey with us to look into 5 Cars that changed motoring history.

Benz Patent MotorWagen

Image black and white that shows the Benz Patent MotorWagen which was released 137 years ago and changed the motoring worldWe couldn’t talk about cars that changed the motoring world, without mentioning the “MotorWagen”.

This marks the beginning of the automotive industry. Although it is hard to pinpoint who came up with the concept of the car first, the consensus is that Karl Benz created what we consider the first internal combustion car.

Ford Model T

In 1908, the Model T came along and was named one of the most influential cars of the 20th century.

The Model T was one of Ford’s first mass-produced automobiles with Ford building over 15 million until 1927. They built these cars with interchangeable parts and marketed them to the middle class. This was the earliest effort to make a car that was affordable for most people to buy.

It was one of the first cars Ford produced that came in multiple versions, from a truck to a military vehicle. They made this car so it could be easily transformed.

By the time Ford discontinued the Model T in 1927, the automobile age had successfully started, and they were credited with advancing the efficiency of the production line.

Volkswagen Beetle

Blue Volkswagen Beetle that not only changed history but motoring history

The Beetle put millions of ordinary citizens on the road. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche, who Adolf Hitler had commissioned to build a “People’s Car” this was a car that the public could afford.

The Beetle became popular across not only Europe but the USA. It became a symbol of the hippie culture because of its affordable nature and protested against materialism and the gas guzzlers churned out by the big American carmakers.

The Beetle also inspired the rear-engine layout of Porsche’s later 911.

Porsche 911

Porsche is one of the most famous car manufacturers in the world. Since 1948, they have been making some of the best cars in the world.

In 1976, Porsche introduced their first turbocharged car with a 3.0-litre engine, which would be known as the 911 Turbo (930). This was Porsche’s response to a new FIA regulation.

This was an important release for Porsche because it marked their first foray into turbocharged engines, which would become a major part of their identity in years to come.

Audi Quattro

The Audi Quattro is an iconic car that changed motoring history. It dominated rallying in the early to mid-1980s for one excellent reason.

It was one of the first rally cars to successfully and effectively use a four-wheel-drive system (Quattro). It would become a benchmark feature for future rally cars and revolutionised rallying. The Audi Quattro dominated rallying until 1984 when the Audi Sport Quattro replaced it.

These are examples of a few cars that have altered the motoring world over the last 137 years. They won’t be the last in this ever-expanding market, especially with the developments in electric and biofuel cars.

What cars do you think have changed motoring history?

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