Lunaz has unveiled its first upcycled industrial electric vehicle (UEV), a whole new classification of electric vehicle, confirming Lunaz’s position as one of the fastest growing companies in the UK.

Lunaz’s first UEV, an upcycled refuse truck, is due to be launched in 2023. The vehicle is designed to be a cost – efficient, low emission alternative to a new electric-powered refuse truck. The production is in line with Lunaz’s mission: ‘zero waste, zero emissions.’

An environmental audit by leading scientists and engineers confirmed that more than 80% of embedded carbon over total lifetime is saved by upcycling. Lunaz will deliver a fully upcycled, re-engineered refuse truck built to a near zero-mile standard to councils and waste management companies for broadly the same price as a new diesel equivalent and considerably less expensive than a new electric-powered refuse truck.  Lunaz has already signed fleet electrification agreements with councils and private entities in the UK and US ahead of its release. Thus, the UEV will make a significant global impact within the push for sustainability following concerns about climate change.

Jon Hilton, managing director and technical lead of Lunaz said: “I am delighted that we can create true global impact in reducing cost and carbon burden for governments and companies as we collectively transition to clean-air powertrains.”

The upcycling process involves taking an existing diesel-powered truck, removing the engine and replacing it with Lunaz’s electric powertrain. Before the engine is replaced, every industrial vehicle is fully upcycled. This includes a full bare-metal restoration. Therefore, fleet operators are presented with a vehicle in factory new condition.

Lunaz, which was founded in 2018, is now valued at $200 million.

Investors into Lunaz include David Beckham, the Barclay family and Frederic Wakeman, the former Managing Partner of Advent International.

Lunaz is a leading company in the fast developing restoration industry. They specialise in the engine conversions of classic cars to preserve them for future generations.

Legislation changes in the UK like the widening of the ULEZ and increases in congestion charges have meant that driving a classic engine is increasingly expensive. The transformation to electric engines in classic vehicles is an innovative way to ensure they can remain on the roads.

The business is so popular that if you’re hoping to swap out your old engine for one of Lunaz’s you may be waiting a while- they are fully booked until 2024!

The creation of the UEV is a fundamental step towards creating cleaner roads and a great show for sustainability in an affordable way!

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